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We are family owned and independent. With All Star expect to pay 30-50% less on professional moving. A+ rated by BBB.

For Local and Interstate Moving for Less, Choose All Star Movers. Experienced, reliable nationwide movers.

Book your move today and spend 30-50% less with All Star, than major moving companies! We are an independent, quality mover you can count on.
All Star Movers is a BBB Accredited Mover

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All Star Transfer / All Star Movers is an Interstate Moving Company Serving the United States.

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When you need interstate movers you can count on, who are you going to turn to for full service moving within the United States, and full service interstate moving and long distance moving (which refers to Alaska and Canada routes, which we service periodically) from anywhere in the U.S.? All Star Movers provides all your full service moving needs, and all at affordable rates. We provide moving to cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New York City, San Diego and San Francisco and hundreds more big cities and small towns across the U.S. and periodically Alaska and Canada.

* Periodically we are fully booked and or do not have any routes operating in a specific area at that time. Check Service Areas to see our current routes and if we can tackle your move!

Interstate Moving Across the United States

*** The Truth About Moving - What Really Goes On in the Moving Industry ***

Should You Hire a Professional Mover?
It's time to explain to our potential customers and anyone who ever decides to move anywhere in the country what you may encounter along the way. There are several ways to move your household belongings around town or around the country. In this article we will attempt to educate you about the different options of moving and try to help you in making the right choice.
Article Continues: The Truth About Moving

*** Moving Checklist - Top 10 Tips to Make Moving Easy ***

#1 - Plan an Interstate Move Around the Best Travel Seasons
First, let's talk about the seasons -- Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Sometimes moving can't be put off, and things happen unexpectedly, where you have to move without any time to plan for a seasonal move. But if you have the means, look closely at what time of the year you plan to move. Mountain passes in winter time can cause serious delays and risk to moving plans, as can the extreme heat of the hot summer months in a handful of states. Consider where you're loading and where you'll be unloading at, seasonal weather (yes, it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest, for example) when making plans for a major move. Continue to Tip #2...

*** How Much Does A Piano Moving Company Cost? ***

A Few Ways to Save on Piano Moving
When it comes to finding out the cost of moving a piano, we're a great company to learn from. We have been in the piano moving business a long time. We're glad to share common costs you can expect from various piano movers.

• Moving Checklist - 10 Tips To Easy Moving


Nationwide moving across the continental United States (active routes may vary periodically). Get a free quote and ask about any nationwide moving discounts that may apply.

Interstate moving across state lines. Book your move today and save 30%-50% on interstate moving with All Star vs. major moving companies. Our teams of interstate movers are ready and equipped for interstate moving with the tools and trucks for the job. We are ready to tackle moving day.

How much can you save on local moving with an independent mover? Find out the cost of local moving and reasons why an independent moving company can be the best choice -- and how to choose the best local mover for the job.

Long distance moving from coast to coast and periodically Canada and Alaska. Book a long distance move today and save with lower rates compared to major long distance movers. Year after year we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB.


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